What to take to uni/college?

The following advice comes from someone who has lived on campus for the past 2 years. We’ll split our list into 3 sections: kitchen, bathroom & bedroom. [Context: I had a lil en suite bathroom and shared a kitchen]



  • Plates, bowls, cutlery and mugs – enough for yourself and a guest, plus a couple spare cause you know, clumsy
  • Glasses. Some people will feel the need to take standard tumbler glasses, shot glasses, then wine glasses, and hey maybe even champagne flutes if they’re proper posh. I’m more of a ‘one glass does all’ kinda gal. (Again, a few spares is a smart move)
  • A decent frying pan
  • A decent pot
  • A decent baking tray
  • Bottle opener
  • Can opener
  • Whatever kitchen utensils you’re into eg: spatula, wooden spoon, ladle, pizza cutter
  • Dish cloths/sponges
  • Tea towels
  • Oven gloves. Though you only really need one pair per flat/house (till someone leaves them on the hob and burns them to a crisp)
  • One decent sharp knife
  • A cheese grater maybe, not for everyone
  • Chopping boards. I took 2: one for meat and one for everything else.
  • One of those plastic things you put over food so that it doesn’t explode all over the inside of the microwave (because microwaves save lives)
  • Take a bunch of your favourite ‘cupboard’ food with you to see you through the first couple of weeks whilst you’re settling in



  • A shower caddy shelving thingy (literally a life saver for me cause idk why but I find it really annoying to have shampoo on the floor)
  • Toothbrush holder maybe (I took one of these with me but it didn’t even fit my electric toothbrush in it so really what was the point)
  • Soap dish. Unless you’re a liquid soap only kinda person. If you do opt for one, try to get one to match your toothbrush holder to fool any visitors into thinking that you’ve got this adulting thing down
  • Over the door hooks. Not essential in everyone’s eyes but I just found them super handy for hanging wet towels on as if you’re uni room does come with a towel rail it’s probably absolutely tiny
  • A bathmat to pop outside your shower on the bathroom floor. This worked great for me in my room last year, however this year my bathroom was more of a wet room so the entire floor got soaked whenever I had a shower so having a bathmat was fighting a losing battle really
  • Towels. Don’t be an absolute idiot like me and forget to buy a ‘bath sheet’. I had to go through the winter of my first year with a tiny bath towel that refused to cover my butt.
  • I’d advise stocking up on your fave toiletries. This is pretty expensive initially but it definitely did me a favour. I didn’t do this for first year I’d spent pretty much all my money buying all the other stuff but when I back for second year I took enough shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, body lotion, face cream, cleanser, toner, etc to last the year and it definitely helped. Those things can be pricey so if they run out whilst your a bit short on money one month it sucks.
  • Cleaning products! Just the obvious: cloths, mirror and glass cleaner, bleach, some kinda antibacterial spray etc



  • Bedding
  • A mattress protector (very important as you don’t know who slept in that bed before you or what they did when they were in it. I took one for hygiene and a padded one to make the mattress the teensiest bit more comfortable)
  • A blanket – great for wrapping up on a cold night in bed and also for keeping warm when having deep conversations with your flatmates in the kitchen at 4am
  • Your fave teddy from home (not at all optional or negotiable)
  • Alarm clock? Of course we all have our phones but sometimes it takes a bit more than that to get me up for my 9am classes
  • A door stop. Not mega essential but very handy for when you’re moving things in and out of your room and also for when you first move in and don’t know anyone, can make it a bit less awkward if you’ve already had a few chats through your open door
  • A foldable clothes airer
  • Some kinda washing bag. I took one that took up virtually no space when it was empty rather than having a solid bin that takes up space regardless of what is in it
  • Clothes hangers, sounds obvious but you’d be surprised
  • Try and find out what the mirror situation is in your room. The room I had this year only had a mirror above the bathroom sink so I bought an over-the-door full length mirror and popped it over my bathroom door (the bedroom side if that makes sense). I also took an illuminated magnifying mirror for makeup
  • Speakers. The sound quality on my laptop is trash so I took a little pair of speakers just for listening to music, watching TV etc. No-one in either of my flats bothered bringing a TV.
  • A printer is very much optional. I used mine loads during first year but when it broke during second year I coped just fine without it. Your library will definitely have printers, it’s just handy being able to print event tickets out in your room.
  • Any pictures/knick-knacks/posters you want to make it more homey

Also don’t worry so much about your room that you forget to take actual uni stuff like notepads, pens, folders etc. Also, it sounds stupid but make sure you have enough clothes. Before I went I’d do washing at home like 3 times a week but I’d only do washing once a week at uni so at first I struggled with stupid things like having enough everyday t-shirts.


I hope this was mildly helpful…?

Day 16 – Thoughts on Education (30 Day Blogging Challenge)

As you guys may well know, because I’ve banged on about it in many other posts prior to this one, I’m a second year BA Business Psychology student (well by the time this is published I’ll have finished my second year and will probably be already nervous for my upcoming dissertation. As a result of this, I have quite a lot of thoughts/feelings on education. My biggest thought/feeling…?


Why isn’t it free?


Now I know that growing up in the UK in this day and age means that I’ve been privileged enough to receive much more free (and high quality) education than many, many people across the world. But the cost of education even here just irritates me. I don’t understand how I went to school with people who paid £3,000 a year but I have to pay £9,000 a year? And in reality, how much has changed? Not too long ago I sat in a lecture that had the date it was written on the title slide…2012. The students who sat through it then got their entire degree £9,000 but that’ll only get me year? Tuition fees have tripled and my uni still can’t offer me a single page of free printing? Oh I almost forgot, they’ve actually gone up again so my final year will be costing £9,250. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem paying back my maintenance loan. My food, rent etc is no-one else’s problem but my own. It just bugs me that the politicians who decided my degree should cost £9,250 got their degrees for free. Maybe I’m being too idealistic but I just feel like anyone who’s willing to work there arse off should have access to education in order to better themselves and provide themselves with more opportunities.


Even with the ridiculous system here in the UK I know it’s even crazier in other parts of the world. I just hope this investment pays off!