Day 30 – Hopes For Your Blog (30 Day Blogging Challenge)

So I kinda touched on this in my intro posts but I felt I should elaborate anyway. 
I don’t really have any specific hopes for this blog. I hope that I keep it up. I hope that I can use it as a outlet for any negative thoughts and anxiety that I’m feeling rather than getting inside my head too much. I hope that I can turn my rants into mildly funny posts, as when I’m struggling with my mental health I also tend to get very irritable along with my low moods.
I hope that me being open about my mental health makes just one other human feel a little bit less alone. I know that before I came across anyone else talk about it I felt like a freak. Why is everyone else coping and I can’t? Does that make me weak/pathetic? Now I know that dealing with life’s pressures alongside dealing with depression & all the demons that brings makes me incredibly strong.
I hope that reading my drivel is fun for at least some of you. Not everyone will like it, I’ve always been an acquired taste.
So if you’re reading this, thanks very much. I’m absolutely thrilled you have to you. Xxx