Day 28 – Most Embarrassing Moment (30 Day Blogging Challenge)

We’re gonna throw it waaaaaaay back for this embarrassing confession. Now anyone that knows me knows that I embarrass myself on pretty much a daily basis, it’s basically a part of my personality. So I thought take you back to my childhood for this standout moment.


Picture the scene, I was really young, just 4 years old, on a family holiday to Butlins. So as is common at Butlins there were some characters on stage and they invited a bunch of children, including myself, on stage. So we did whatever, I’m guessing we like sung a song together or something, is there they sent us all back down to sit with our families again. Now to get off the stage you had to go down these steps and all the other kids were bigger than me. So the host lady offered to just lift me down. Now 4-year old me wasn’t very trusting and took a while to take the plunge. However, unfortunately just as I took the plunge and walked into her arms, she thought I wasn’t having any of it and walked away. Instead, I plunged to the floor.


Cue a very public concussion for myself. 16 years on its a story that still haunts me and regularly gets laughs from my family.