Day 24 – What Attracts You? [In Love] (30 Day Blogging Challenge)

Well I’m glad they got specific at the end there before I went off on one about magnetism (kidding, I don’t know anything anyway). Gah this post is going to be so cringe and I don’t even know if my single ass is qualified to be writing it anyway but here’s a lil list:

  • Intelligence, but I don’t necessarily mean academic intelligence like there are so many different types. I like people that know things that I don’t know
  • Easy going, because I’m so uptight
  • But also reliable, to help my anxietyyyyy
  • Funny AF, cause you know I can’t be cracking alllllll the jokes myself
  • Older and taller. God that sounds shallow.
  • Kind. Sounds obvious, but I’ve dated people that weren’t very kind and it’s not very good for me.


I’m gonna wrap this up now because it gets even more embarrassing.

Author: standardmillennialproblems

Second year university student based in London trying to get a 2.1/battle depression/maintain a struggling social life/wear dresses without self-loathing...all whilst making a few witty comments and trying to note them down here.

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