Day 11 – 10 Favourite Foods (30 Day Blogging Challenge)

Only 10?! This is cut-throat. Okay here goes:


  1. Bread. (all forms: toast, baguettes, hot rolls, hell even breadsticks)
  2. Rice. I could literally just eat plain rice. (Yes, there is a carb theme developing here)
  3. Jambalaya. My sister makes it the bestttt!
  4. Toad in the hole. (another of my sister’s specialities)
  5. A good ol’ Sunday roast (preferably made by either my nan or godmother!)
  6. Malteaser bunnies. It is a crime for these to only be available seasonally.
  7. Cereal. Amazing at any time of day and hugely underrated.
  8. Chilli. This is one thing that I do make really well.
  9. Potatoes. Similar to the carbs listed above, I love these in any form.: roasted, mashed, in jacket form…
  10. Enchiladas. My favourite thing to make with my flatmate at university!


The short list above didn’t even touch on my unhealthy relationship with biscuits and sweets, or even ready meals for that matter! 10 is definitely not enough.

Author: standardmillennialproblems

Second year university student based in London trying to get a 2.1/battle depression/maintain a struggling social life/wear dresses without self-loathing...all whilst making a few witty comments and trying to note them down here.

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