A very small ColourPop haul/Fuck you customs charges

Okay so if you consider yourself an avid user of make-up and Youtube then you’ll undoubtedly be aware of the huge waves that Colourpop have been making across the industry. Being in the UK it has been notoriously difficult to get hold of their products. I used save up and then just place huge orders whenever my nan visited her friends in the US and have her bring them back for me! Until now, when they now ship to the UK (yaaaay!) but for stupidly high shipping costs (awww). So when they offered free international shipping when you spend $30+, me and my PayPal account jumped at the chance (I actually spent $40 cause you know, I’m weak).


As I sat by my front door (well, reception, I’m in a top floor flat in a student village), eagerly awaiting my order, imagine my disappointment when I received not my order, but a nice little card from Royal Mail letting me know they couldn’t deliver my order as there were fees to pay. The £8.66 VAT I could handle, but an £8 handling fee on top of that?! Fuck you customs charges.


I’ll pop some pictures of what I got below*.

Maybe when I’m home from university and have all my make-up together I could do a bit of a Colourpop collection/recommendations video.


*when viewing these pictures please refer to my earlier post and I revealed that photography is definitely not a strength of mine and these will not be insta-worthy.


Author: standardmillennialproblems

Second year university student based in London trying to get a 2.1/battle depression/maintain a struggling social life/wear dresses without self-loathing...all whilst making a few witty comments and trying to note them down here.

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