Room tour-ish

So I just decorated my bedroom back home ready for when I move for the summer at the end of this university year (here’s to living at home till I’m 50 thanks to my crippling student loan, am I right?) so I thought I’d share. As you’ll have learn if you managed to get to the end of my 50 questions TMI tag, grey is my favourite colour, so that’s what I wanted for my room. My old room had all sorts of colours (and wholes in the wallpaper from a previous post obsession in my early teens – High School Musical, I’m blaming you). So I just want to create somewhere light and airy if that makes sense, where I can go next year to escape my dissertation!


Here is my bed before…



And here is bed area after!


Brighter right? I’ll include a few more ‘after’ pics below, but probably not anymore ‘before’ pictures cause you know, embarrassed! I’m thinking of introducing a house plant somewhere, they’re supposed to bring calming energy or something right?


Author: standardmillennialproblems

Second year university student based in London trying to get a 2.1/battle depression/maintain a struggling social life/wear dresses without self-loathing...all whilst making a few witty comments and trying to note them down here.

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