Exam season – not coping?

If you’re hoping to find a blog post full of my fail-safe tips for coping during exam season, then look away now. This is not it I’m afraid, I’m am still search for this post myself.
I’m about to take my second year uni exams and I swear every exam season stresses me out more than the one before! I’m known for two things: always being cold, and sleeping, a lot, like 9 hours a night every night. I’ve slept about 9 hours in the past 3 nights and been waking up drenched in sweat (mmm).
I just wrote this post for anyone else that feels a bit hopeless like I do. I’ve read every article there is on coping strategies from every university/mental health charity/anyone else. I exercise regularly. My sleep hygiene routine is faultless. I guess exams just unfortunately aren’t for me, and I need to just keep trying to work around that!
If you have ANY strategies that I may not have tried, do let me know!! Maybe there’s hope for me yet aye?

Author: standardmillennialproblems

Second year university student based in London trying to get a 2.1/battle depression/maintain a struggling social life/wear dresses without self-loathing...all whilst making a few witty comments and trying to note them down here.

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